W3Expo Wind Will Blow at Istanbul Blockchain Week!


will be held in August Istanbul Blockchain WeekIn , W3Expo will blow with the first face-to-face Web3 game fair.

It seems that the Web3 playground is gaining momentum and is coming to the fore with several entries. The popular Web3 gaming event W3Expo will be held on August 22-23, 2023. Hilton Bomonti Conference Center & Hotel’will be held for the second time.

Istanbul Blockchain Weekin the scope of IstanBlockwill be held in partnership with W3Expo, Web3 gameGoing deep into the sector, it presents the prominent showcase of the trends to the participants.

W3Expo Event at Istanbul Blockchain Week!

Istanbul Blockchain week, 21-25 Augustwill take the Bosphorus air of Istanbul again between Hilton Bomonti HotelDuring the blockchain week to be held in W3ExpoThe event, which will be organized by

W3Exporeturns with Istanbul Blockchain Week in its second year. W3Expo 2022, catering to Web3 gamers E3/Games.comstyle event.

W3EMarketing Strategist Thang Phansaid the following on the subject;

Collaborating with Istanbul Blockchain Week is an incredible opportunity for W3Expo to connect with a wider audience and increase excitement around Web3 games. This synergy between blockchain technology and gaming is the future, and we are delighted to play an important role in shaping that future.

Web3 PRAnd Marketing agency EAK digitalprovided by the organization W3Expo, Istanbul Blockchain weekIt has potential as it will progress in partnership with

In this event, Web3Including a mix of game developers and game influencers, the developments will create a special environment for enthusiasts.

Moreover W3Expo, first LAN Web3 takes a step forward with its e-sports tournament. In this event, special with professional teams W3E Championship LANhad been carried out.

W3ETeam Leader Damian bartlett, said:

I cannot express how excited we are to bring W3Expo back for its second year. This is where the magic happens – where gamers, developers and innovators from around the world come together to celebrate and shape the future of Web3 games. Get ready for an unforgettable experience, because this year’s fair will be nothing short of spectacular!


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