Waves Founder Calls on Exchanges


wavesfounder Sasha Ivanov, wavesfutures trading of the token out of orderHe urged exchanges to quit.

The bearish volatility of the cryptocurrency market has negatively affected many crypto projects. Major cryptocurrencies, in particular, have experienced quite strong declines from their highest peaks. The processes in the crypto industry and the fud that dominated the market were the main reasons for these declines. In the middle of this process, wavesfounder Sasha Ivanov called the stock markets. Ivanov, WAVESHe wants to close the token’s futures parity.

Waves Founder Submitted Demand to Exchanges Due to Fud and Pressures

wavesfounder Sasha Ivanov, WAVESwithin two weeks of the token 40 percentIt took action after experiencing a decline of . Ivanovclaimed that short sellers spread the fud to lower the price.

Founder of crypto project Ivanov, Binance, Krakenand KuCoinfrom exchanges such as WAVESHe asked them to disable the futures market of .

twitterFounder, who shared on waves He added that ‘s does not need futures markets. As the reason, he suggested that those who open bearish trades make short-term gains by spreading the fud.

Popular cryptocurrency in the last two weeks $2.37from the level $1.54 fell. According to the founder, behind this decline are those who open bearish trades from futures.


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