WazirX Reports Trading Volume Drops 76 Percent


Indiabased crypto exchange WazirX, from the beginning of 2022 30 Novemberreported a 76 percent drop in trading volumes until today.

Crypto industry is preparing to leave behind a challenging year. The effects of the global economy and crypto- The collapse of the currencies brought with it a heavy bear market. Global investors began to stay away from risky assets. In addition, the collapse of many crypto companies has also triggered an air of fear. Still, the data suggests that cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise. Moreover, blockchain technology has also become an area in which countries try to get involved. In the middle of all these processes WazirX, this year 76 percentHe stated that he experienced a volume decrease of .

WazirX Witnessed $43 Billion Volume This Year

crypto exchange WazirX, from the beginning of this year 30 Novemberuntil 43 billionreached a trade volume of $.

2022year-end report WazirX, “After five years of consistent efforts to provide users with easy crypto access, we have witnessed market sentiment reach an alarming low.” said.

The India-based exchange noted that crypto regulators in India are facing uncertainties. According to the exchange, this has been described as the threshold of an uncertain future.

Moreover WazirX noted that many users are moving away from the industry following the introduction of taxation on virtual digital assets. Exchange, Elon MuskHe stated that the period when Twitter bought Twitter triggered the volume increases. Companyas a referral to this purchase, “Dogecoin’s trading volume on WazirX increased by 1,300% from the previous week.” said.


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