What is Definix? What Does FINIX Do?


What is Definix? Definix (FINIX) is a decentralized Blockchain platform that focuses on various finance areas such as fund management. cryptocoin.com In this article, we answered questions such as what is Definix, what it offers, what is FINIX coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine this platform, which provides services in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi), together.

What is Definix?

Definix is ​​a Blockchain-based platform that helps crypto investors invest with confidence. This platform allows professional traders to create and manage their own funds. Thus, it allows them to get more returns on their investment skills. Basically, it works as a transparent crypto investment platform in the DeFi space. Investors can maximize their earnings by managing their own funds with this platform. However, the platform also has a native cryptocurrency called FINIX coin.

What does Definix offer?

Definix has a number of use cases as a DeFi-focused Blockchain platform built on BNB Chain. Accordingly, users have the advantage of creating and managing their own funds through the platform. In addition to this core feature, the platform stands out with different use cases for casual and professional traders. For example, ordinary investors can invest in crypto assets that can be traded in liquidity mining.

Professional investors, on the other hand, are those who want to have their own cryptocurrency fund. They can be administrators within Definix. By doing this, they gain incentives through governance and performance fees. Blockchain project supports liquidity provision and farming. Some of the liquidity pools within Definix offer extremely low risk. However, users can also earn returns by investing in funds managed by professionals.

What is FINIX? What does it do?

FINIX is an ecosystem token created with the BEP-20 smart contract on BNB Chain for the Definix platform. This token can only be obtained by staking some of the tokens supported on the platform. Staking means that token holders lock their assets into liquidity pools with a certain maturity. When the maturity expires, the user earns FINIX rewards. However, FINIX coin holders get various benefits within Definix.

First of all, FINIX owners can directly participate in the management of Definix. This includes voting on decisions on specific issues. Users ensure the decentralization of the platform by voting and influence the decisions made. However, FINIX acts as a key to participation in an event called ‘FINIX Challenge’. Traders who want to become a fund manager on the platform must attend this event. The event tests the professionalism of the trader.

What is Definix? How to take FINIX?

Definix is ​​a BEP-20 token currently traded only on the PancakeSwap exchange. Interested investors must access and become a member of this exchange to purchase FINIX. After that, they can buy the token by depositing an asset in their wallet according to FINIX parities.


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