What is GoByte? What Does GBX Do?


What is GoByte? GoByte (GBX) is a payment-oriented blockchain project with scalability, user-friendly design and high speed. cryptocoin.com In this article, we answered questions such as what is GoByte, what it offers, what is GBX, what it does, how to get it. Let’s examine together this user-friendly project that enables instant transaction confirmations.

What is GoByte?

GoByte is a Blockchain network where users can transact extremely fast. This network, which provides services in areas such as payment, money transfer and DeFi, is built on BNB Chain. The team behind the project aims to make the project the most user-friendly and scalable payment platform in the world. For this, the developers have developed a number of features that make GoByte stand out in the field. These features allow the platform to operate in a very fast, secure and transparent manner.

Launched on November 16, 2017, the platform is built on a decentralized model that is self-managed and financed. In other words, the network is managed by its own users. The decisions that shape the future of the platform are determined by the votes of the developers and users. However, the network works similarly to Bitcoin in many respects. However, it outperforms Bitcoin in many areas such as privacy and scalability.

What does GoByte offer?

GoByte has developed a number of features to give its users a good experience in various fields. These features basically include areas such as payments, money transfers and DeFi. Accordingly, the platform allows users to make instant payments with Instantsend. Payments and money transfers made in GoByte take place within seconds. Powered by PoW, the network also supports token mining.

Thanks to its high scalability, the platform can create blocks in less than 2 minutes. However, GoByte offers a number of advantages to owners of network nodes. Masternode holders earn token rewards by securing GoByte. The platform offers double-spend protection and privacy equivalent to physical cash. It also makes it easy for users to access various DeFi tools with its wallet application.

What is GBX? What does it do?

GBX is a cryptocurrency built on the BEP-20 smart contract. This cryptocurrency works as GoByte’s native token. Users get access to a range of tools, such as making payments with GBX, transacting privately, transferring money internationally. However, GBX works as a reward asset for the platform. For example, masternodes receive 65% of each block reward for securing the network.

What is GoByte? How to get GBX?

GoByte is currently traded on cryptocurrency exchanges such as HitBTC and STEX. Interested investors need to access these exchanges and then follow the steps to become a member and purchase GBX.


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