What is INK? What Does INK Coin Do?


What is INK? INK is a protocol focused on solving the interoperability problems of Consortium Blockchain networks. cryptocoin.com In this article, we answered questions such as what is INK, what it offers, what is INK coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine together this project, which focuses on the current problems of Consortium networks.

What is INK?

The creative industry needs a cross-chain protocol. The industry has a long history. At the same time, it is extremely lively, innovative and contains endless breakthroughs. With innovations and breakthroughs, the market has grown tremendously. Values ​​in quality IPs are magnified and used to a much greater extent. At this point, the INK protocol provides a solution to interoperability problems. INK leverages the combined power of Consortium Blockchain, Cross-chain and Public Blockchain interoperability.

What services does the project offer?

INK serves as a decentralized solution while enabling industries to work together on these issues. INK, which also has its own Blockchain network, is a project that appeals to creative minds. However, there are a number of services currently offered to its users. These services offer users a good experience through interoperability, decentralization and Blockchain technology. As a result, every transaction made on the Blockchain is recorded in a block forever. The INK network includes;

  • Intellectual property-oriented asset transfer,
  • Technical, cross-chain and business-oriented solutions for industrial application,
  • Blockchain-based infrastructure for decentralized content production,
  • A sovereign Consortium Blockchain for use cases
  • Token, dApp and other ecosystems based on a world famous Public Blockchain.

What is INK coin? What does it do?

INK coin is the utility token of the INK network. This altcoin is designed to be used in all economic behavior in the creative industry. Accordingly, users can spend the token for various purposes such as IP registration and verification, IP Asset Exchange. They can also use the altcoin in many scenarios such as paying for important apps and services in their ecosystem. The number of INK coins in the market is limited to 1 billion. That is, cryptocurrencies have a fixed supply.

How to get INK coin?

Investors wishing to purchase INK coins should access the cryptocurrency exchanges where the token is listed. Currently, the altcoin is traded on the cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io. Interested investors must access this exchange and then become a member. Registered users must verify their membership. After that, they should deposit an asset suitable for INK coin pairs in their wallets and place a buy order on the exchange according to INK’s parities. Thus, they can buy the asset.


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