What is ODEM? What Does ODE Coin Do?


What is ODEM? ODEM (ODE) is a Blockchain project that enables university students to interact with academics without intermediaries. cryptocoin.com In this article, we answered questions such as what ODEM is, what it offers, what is ODE coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine this higher education-oriented project, which appeals to university students and academics, together.

What is ODEM?

ODEM is a decentralized education platform built on Blockchain technology. This platform allows university students to interact with academics who are experts in their fields. The project aims to improve the quality of accessible education at an affordable cost. For this, it brings together students and experts on a distributed Blockchain platform. The ecosystem offers several benefits to qualified educators and students around the world.

What does ODEM offer?

The ODEM platform allows expert academics to equip students with practical knowledge. To this end, it provides a set of tools for educators to create customized curricula and training programs. It then connects students to various education centers via a smart contract payment platform. The ecosystem allows students to submit custom curriculum requests to ODEM educators to bid. It also provides students with options for housing, transportation, and other needs.

A student studying within the ecosystem benefits from the blessings of Blockchain technology. Accordingly, those who complete any training receive a certificate recorded on the Blockchain. This certificate cannot be changed or deleted due to the technology it uses. Academics, on the other hand, receive a fairer income from the education they offer. Existing training platforms charge high commission fees from instructors. ODEM, on the other hand, provides students with low education costs and increases the share of academics. This is made possible by its decentralized nature, Blockchain technology and native cryptocurrency ODE.

What is ODE? What does it do?

ODE is a cryptocurrency created on Ethereum with the ERC-20 contract. This cryptocurrency works as the native token of the ODEM platform. Accordingly, it can be used by students and academicians for various purposes within the ecosystem. In ODEM, both students and academics store their credentials in Ethereum smart contracts. ODE serves as a payment method for tokenized transactions. Accordingly, students can purchase trainings by paying with ODE. In return, academics earn income with this asset.

What is ODEM? How to get ODE?

With a market value of around $229 thousand, ODEM is currently only listed on the Bitbns exchange. Therefore, investors who want to buy crypto money must be a member of Bitbns. Users who complete the registration and verification process on the exchange must deposit an asset in their wallet according to ODE trading pairs. Thus, they can buy the cryptocurrency by placing a buy order on the relevant trading pair.


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