What is Phantasma? What Does SOUL Do?


What is phantasma? Phantasma (SOUL) is a next-generation Blockchain project that enables decentralized video games and NFT trading. cryptocoin.com In this article, we have answered the questions for you, such as what is Phantasma, what it offers, what is SOUL, what it does, how to get it. Let’s examine together this project, which has a number of new technologies such as smart NFTs.

What is phantasma?

Phantasma is a blockchain-based project that focuses on new technology concepts such as decentralized video games and NFT. This project aims to establish itself in NFT trading and gaming. The founders, including Portuguese smart contract expert Sérgio Flores, have added a number of features to the platform. Accordingly, Phantasma’s ecosystem offers extremely high throughput and low transaction fees. It also features innovative cross-chain technology that enables interoperability and a special type of NFT called smart NFT.

What does Phantasma offer?

Phantasma partners with Australian-based game developer GOATi Entertainment and game hub Pavillion. This has led to Blockchain releasing a number of games and DeFi apps since its launch in October 2019. In doing so, the project maintained the scalability and eco-friendly nature of the network. The project, which has a two-token economic model, attracts users with its cross-chain architecture and scalability. However, the biggest feature of the network is the smart NFT technology it offers.

Smart NFTs are NFT elements with dynamic properties that can change according to certain conditions. These items offer several benefits to game developers. Accordingly, developers can decentralize dynamic in-game elements that are not possible with traditional NFTs. Also, there are a number of features within an NFT that are only accessible to the owner of the NFT. Owners can transform their assets into time-based NFTs, multi-layer NFTs, infused NFTs and locked content. Thanks to this technology, Phantasma can print NFTs at a very low cost.

What is SOUL? What does it do?

SOUL is the native cryptocurrency of the Phantasma network. This cryptocurrency runs on BNB Chain, Ethereum and NEO Blockchains. Working with the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, SOUL allows users to earn passive income. Accordingly, users can earn SOUL rewards by locking their tokens. However, the asset can be transferred between Blockchains due to its multi-chain nature.

What is phantasma? How to get SOUL?

Phantasma, with a market capitalization of around $24 million, is traded on KuCoin, Gate.io and PancakeSwap exchanges. Interested investors should access and become a member of these exchanges. They can then place a purchase order by depositing funds into their wallets to purchase SOUL.


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