What is Syntropy? What Does NOIA Do?


What is syntropy? Syntropy (NOIA) is a user-centered, privacy-conscious, blockchain-based and decentralized internet network. cryptocoin.com In this article, we have answered the questions asked by investors such as what Syntropy is, what it offers, what is NOIA, what it does, and how to buy it. Let’s examine together this Blockchain project, which aims to create the next generation internet.

What is syntropy?

Syntropy (NOIA) aims to create a user-centric internet with built-in encryption and optimization. The technology is compatible with the current public internet. It is also intended to act as a unifying layer. To understand Syntropy, it is necessary to compare it to a layer-2 scaling solution. These solutions aim to increase the speed and scalability of a Blockchain. In essence, the project acts with a similar purpose. However, it departs from them with the goal of making the internet more efficient rather than Blockchain networks.

The project eliminates the bottlenecks of legacy infrastructure. However, it increases users’ internet connection speeds tenfold. It achieves this through intelligent routing technology known as the Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP). DARP is a network of nodes running in large cloud networks with thousands of community nodes. With DARP, Syntropy gains a global way to understand and measure the performance of the internet. Essentially, the network sends traffic on optimal routes and avoids slow old routes.

What does Syntropy offer?

Syntropy cares about users’ privacy. Accordingly, users cannot be tracked while using the internet connection. Accordingly, it is not possible for users to access and use their data. The network leverages the Ethereum network in doing so. In addition, the platform offers its users an internet service that is 10 times faster than the traditional internet. This internet service works in a completely decentralized way. The platform’s global network of nodes enables high speed and decentralization.

What is NOIA? What does it do?

NOIA is a token built on the Ethereum network with the ERC-20 smart contract. This token has various use cases within the Syntropy ecosystem. Accordingly, it works as the native cryptocurrency of the network. NOIA’s primary use case is in payments. Users pay with NOIA to access services within Syntropy. The amount paid varies depending on the service and the size of the service. However, users who contribute to nodes in the network get paid with this cryptocurrency.

What is syntropy? How to take NOIA?

NOIA is currently traded on KuCoin, Huobi Global, Gate.io and Uniswap exchanges. Interested investors must first become a member of one of these cryptocurrency exchanges. Then, investors should deposit an asset suitable for Syntropy parities in their wallets and place a buy order on the relevant parity. Within minutes of doing this, the tokens they purchased will arrive in their wallets.


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