What’s going on with Ethereum (ETH)? September 10, 2023


Vitalik Buterin, who was attacked by hackers and stole his X account, pulled the Ethereum (ETH) price below an important support.

Vitalik Buterin, who lost his X account to hackers a few hours ago, created panic in cryptocurrencies. The hacker, who shared a fake NFT campaign after taking over Buterin’s X account, earned nearly $700,000. However, with this FUD, there was a retreat in all cryptocurrencies.

Levels to watch out for in Ethereum (ETH)

The leader of the altcoins, which has repeatedly used the gray area as support, has changed its direction downwards with the latest development. Considering that BTC does not progress positively, a possible decline wave in ETH could shake all cryptocurrencies. The fact that ETH exceeds $ 1640 and rises to $ 1665 and $ 1690 will play a role in reducing both the uncertainty and seller pressure.

Factors such as the hack event reaching a larger size and BTC being traded below 25,200 may drive the ETH value even lower. In such a situation, the levels that can be watched as support are 1602 – 1580 – 1550 and 1531 dollars, respectively.


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