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What’s Happening in Huobi? Stock Market Under FUD Attack!


Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, is having a tough time due to rumors that it has fired staff and closed internal communications.

One of the challenging processes of the crypto industry is FUD environments are. Many crypto projects have suffered FUD He works hard to fight attacks. With the effect of the bear market, the crypto community is on top of all the bad events that can happen. Among these effects Huobi, the recent dismissal of personnel and the closing of internal communications FUDstruggling with the waves.

Huobi Advisor Justin Sun Addresses So-called Bankruptcy Rumors

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi took its place on the agenda with bankruptcy claims based on several rumors. These rumors were that the exchange was laying off staff and starting to shut down internal operations. However, Huobihis advisors quickly denied all these rumors.

On the other hand Huobiconsultant Justin sun, social media platform twitter addressed this issue. Addressing bankruptcy rumors sun, HuobiHe stated that ‘s commercial activities are efficient and the security of user assets is always protected.

sunwanting to quit HuobiHe added that he will respect the legal demands of his employees.


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