What’s the Latest Situation in Gold and Dollar? 22 May 2023


What is the latest situation in gold and dollar in these days when the global markets are moving towards the end of the month?

While the discussions about the banking crisis and debt default in the USA occupy the agenda, it is observed that the inflation in Europe has started to decline. Markets are focused on the next rate decision and inflation data. On the other hand, while gold maintains its strong structure, the accelerating rise of the dollar draws attention.

The USA stated that it is making plans to solve the borrowing issue and will stand by the traders. These rhetoric provided some relief to the market. On the other hand, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue to be in demand in light of high expectations.

In the light of all these processes, what is the latest situation in gold and dollars?

What’s the Latest Situation in Gold Price?

Coming to the first trading day of the week, At 10:01, the gold prices are as follows;

ounce of gold,He spends the day with 1,976 USD.

grams of goldcontinues its activity with 1,258 TL.

Quarter goldIt is also traded at 2,310 TL.

What About Dollar and Euro Prices?

On the first trading day of the week At 10:01, the dollar and euro exchange rates are as follows;

Maintaining strong momentum The dollar rate is around 19.82 TL.

On the other hand euro, at the level of 21.45 TLis being traded.


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