Which were the prominent cryptocurrencies of the day? November 1, 2023


Bitcoin ( BTC) Which projects recorded the most activity in the altcoin market, which is gaining momentum day by day with pricing in the 34 thousand 400 dollar band?

Increasing inflow to the altcoin market as it sustains above $34,000 BTC continues to create activity in various projects. Which altcoins did the leader of cryptocurrencies, which has not yet made a clear correction despite its uninterrupted rise since $ 28,000, create the most movement?

Winners List

In the list of the most rising coins, it increased by 16.59 percent in the last 24 hours. Celestia( TIA ) reached the top. With an increase of 13.47 percent Solana ( LEFT)ranked second, with an increase of 7.55 percent XDC Network (XDC) ranked third, with an increase of 6.30 percent conflux( CFX) in fourth place and finally in fifth place with an increase of 5.83 percent THORChain ( RUNE)took place.

Losers List

At the top of the list of coins that fell the most BitTorrent( BTT) took place. BTT reached the top, falling by 9.69 percent in the last 24 hours. Next Mina (MINA)came. MINA It lost 7,323 percent of its value in the last 24 hours. In third place, with a decrease of 6.14 percent Axie Infinity( AXS) ranked fourth with a decrease of 6.14 percent dYdX( DYDX ) took place. It came in last place with a loss of value of 2.24 percent. Maker( MKR) sat down.


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