XRP Ledger Developer Warns of Scam


XRP Ledger developer Wietse Wind has warned against scammers, stating that there is no current airdrop event run by Ripple.

Wind shared a screenshot containing fake offers supposedly run by Ripple.

XRP Ledger Developer Warns Users

The XRP Ledger developer used the following statements in a statement:

“There is no XRP airdrop.
There is no official event.
There is no gift.
Ripple will never do that.
Be on the alert”

Scams using fake account are used to try to obtain sensitive information of investors such as private keys etc.

The fact that social media platforms do not have effective systems to detect these scammers in a timely manner is seen as a major factor in defrauding investors.

XRP scams are becoming more common on social media platforms like Twitter. These fraudulent schemes often involve scammers impersonating a legitimate account (like Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse).

Although scammers generally use similar methods, they still manage to defraud many investors with this method.

Scammers promise users to donate some money first and then receive free tokens via airdrop. Of course, these transactions never happen and users lose their money.


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