Yuga Labs Greets Its New CEO!


Bored Ape Yacht Club ( BAIC) creator Yuga Labs, Activision Blizzardhead Daniel Alegrenew CEOappointed as.

These days when the crypto money market moves with a bear trend, the moves of crypto projects continue. Many projects see the bear market as development and growth oriented. FTX In the new period that started with the bankruptcy of . In particular, regulation and supervision has become the main agenda of the crypto market. Yuga Labs is among the companies struggling with legal processes. However Yuga Labs, Activision Blizzardhead Daniel Alegrenew CEOmade a show of strength by appointing him as.

Yuga Labs Recruits Activision Blizzard President

Web3 initiative Yuga Labs, old Activision Blizzardhead and COO‘this Daniel AlegreHe drew in his ranks. alegre, 2023from the first half of the year Yuga Labs‘s new CEO‘There will be water.

alegre attracted attention with an impressive resume. new CEO, earlier Bertelsmann He held a leadership position in In addition, for over 16 years GoogleHe has served as the head of various international divisions in .

Finally, Alegre Call of Duty, World of Warcraftand the powerful gaming company behind many more games Activision Blizzard became president of. Strong name now, crypto giant Yuga Labs‘of CEOwill run his.

NFT and Web3company, its new CEO “Yuga brings deep expertise in areas critical to their passion for an immersive Web3 world” told.


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