zkSync Network Experienced a Brief Outage


zkSyncmain network eradue to an outage in Failed to generate blocks for 4 hours.

Recently, Ethereum scaling and Layer-2 projects have been trending in the crypto industry. aptos, Optimism, ArbitrumAnd zkSync Crypto projects such as These projects are coming to market with more scalable and more solution-oriented blockchain networks.

However, in the morning hours, Ethereum scalingproject zkSyncA problem was observed on the side. zkSync‘s main network erain about for 4 hours The block could not be generated. This situation has been resolved by the dev team and the network has been restored.

zkSync Joins Network Outage Caravan

Seen as just at the beginning of the road zkSync, faced a network outage in the morning hours. WuBlockchainAccording to a report by zkSyncIt was observed that the block could not be generated on the mainnet Era. March 24Era launched on zkSyncby the community was met with great interest.

WuBlockchain’In another statement made by official replies, work is underway to recover the mainnet and zkSync The funds are said to be safe. It was also stated in the statements that the developer team is aware of the problem and is trying to solve it.

About 1 hour after this statement, zkSyncteam era Resolved the issues in and restored the network. Having an interruption of about 4 hours, zkSync brought Solana and Avalanche to mind. Recently, there was a network outage on the Avalanche side as well.


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